DeVasher - 1448: John the Baptist (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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Who was John the Baptist? He was certainly an influential person in Jesus’ time, but what was his life like? In this sermon with pastor Kameron DeVasher we will look at John’s background and the context behind his interesting life. What was it like being the messenger of Jesus’ arrival? We can look at his life as a reflection of how we can better follow Christ in our daily journey. He was one of the most faithful in Jesus, but he had his own doubts like many Christians today. Also like many modern believers, he had weak moments and questions about salvation.

Sometimes we are not satisfied with the words from the Bible and we seek clearer signs. John was like that too, and questioned Jesus’ divinity. Let’s look at the story of John the Baptist and see how Jesus responded to his doubts. The Lord’s response to doubt is a testament for us today on how to put our faith and trust fully in Him that can do anything! 43 minutes