DeVasher - 1413: A Reason to Believe: The Highest Claim (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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There are many faithful believers in our world, and many that are faithful to the Christian faith. Why do these people choose to believe in their faith? What are their reasons for belief? Consider how we need a better reason to believe. If asked, “why do you believe?” many might answer because the Bible says it’s true. But why even believe in the Bible in the first place? 

The Bible has some incredible claims. Consequently, whenever someone or something has an impossibly high claim, the evidence for that claim must be correspondingly high. Let’s go through Scripture to find certifiable and undeniable proof that it is God’s book and that it is worth trusting in. Pastor Kameron DeVasher evaluates the different Bible prophecies that have come true. For a book written over a span of more than a thousand years by dozens of authors from differing backgrounds, it is truly a divine miracle that every passage, chapter and book are compatible and harmonious. This marvelous Holy Book could only be from God Himself, and that is definitely a reason to believe. 37 minutes