DeVasher - 1416: Wise as Serpents (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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As Christ-followers we are called to present the truth of Jesus Christ to everyone. This idea is summarized by the 3 Angels Messages. How can we learn to appropriately balance how we preach the Gospel? Not everyone is receptive and ready to hear God’s truth, and sometimes we are turned away. When we approach someone with the intention of spreading the Word, we need to learn how to be as wise as serpents, but as harmless as doves. In this sermon with Kameron DeVasher, let’s discover the true significance of that statement. 

Initially the idea of being anything like a serpent may be repulsive to us, as a serpent frequently symbolizes the evil of satan. However, we will learn how being as wise as a serpent does not necessarily mean working deception, but can mean working as Paul did. Paul himself admitted to catching people with guile, so how can we use this example in our own lives? Journey with DeVasher to discover the true usefulness and cleverness of being as wise as serpents. Being as wise as a serpent is not about sneaking around or trickery, but in fact it is knowing your audience and knowing how to effectively speak to those around us. 28 minutes