DeVasher - 1421: The Ministry of Angels | Studies on Ministry (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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When we pray, what do we pray about? Do we praise the Lord and thank Him daily? Do we look for guidance? Do we ask for things? Kameron DeVasher asks us to consider how we pray, and to really think on what it is we are asking for. DeVasher deconstructs the Lord’s prayer and implores us to understand it fully. When we ask for the Father’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, do we know for certain what that means? Perhaps we cannot fully request for His will to be done if we cannot even understand His will. 

Thankfully the scripture provides insight on what the Lord’s will is, and how heaven operates. Once we completely understand His will and how His heavenly ministry, can we ask for His will to happen here on earth. DeVasher goes through the book of Revelation to explore what heaven is like and who populates heaven. Discover that most of heaven is made up of angels. So what are these angels like? How are they different from God? What do these angels do while in Heaven? DeVasher helps us through God’s word to explore The Ministry of Angels, in this way we can better understand God’s heavenly ministry. 50 minutes.