DeVasher - 1424: Doing the Wrong Job Well | Studies on Ministry (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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This final lecture in the Studies on Ministry series poses the question of whether we’re Doing the Wrong Job Well. In the previous lectures Kameron DeVasher covers some of the major issues within our modern church. Pastors and ministers are called to be evangelists, and to preach the pure truth of God’s message. However, many church leaders spread this message to the converted, continually serving at their home church. Consider what it means to fully be an evangelist. Should these church leaders be playing it safe and staying in their comfortable churches and repeating the same messages? Or should they be out there, preaching to those who are less familiar with God’s plan of salvation? 

DeVasher discusses a brief history of the modern church, when the Seventh-day Adventist church rarely had permanent or settled pastors. Pastors roamed from place to place, setting up churches wherever they went. Eventually through time it became more popular, or perhaps convenient, to have settled pastors. There was less evangelism. The church started to look to their church leaders for guidance, and became dependant on their presence within the church. Instead of focusing on the right priorities, we end up doing the wrong job well. We cannot forget the Biblical model for evangelism. Members of the church and church leaders also should be missionaries. DeVasher explores what it means to stand and think about God’s plan, not just turning to our church leaders for advice at all times. Instead of depending on people to tell us how the church should be run, we should depend and turn to God, who is the ultimate minister.  43 minutes