DeVasher - 1422: The Model Minister | Studies on Ministry (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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Ultimately, we want to be able to spread the Gospel Message to as many people as possible. How can this be done? When we share the Gospel with others, we must remember that the glory goes to Christ. Christ has equipped us to do His work, but we must understand that we are doing His will, not our own. Jesus had an effective earthly ministry, and Kameron DeVasher explains how He was The Model Minister. Though Jesus healed, helped, and led many, much of His ministry was furthered by His disciples and His created beings. His will and work is executed through others, and we are called to do His work today. 

If we are to share the Message with others, who are we praising by doing so? God! It is not easy to live for Christ, and it is challenging to work for Him as well. We require slow change in our lives to be able to live and work for Him. This change doesn’t happen slowly, but needs proactive studying and growth in Christ. The Lord will then transform us in His time. We can learn to do God’s work by studying and learning about the Bible. The Gospel trains us, and then we go on to train others for God’s glory. This is how we grow in ministry and faith!  Since we have chosen to follow Christ, then we can work for Christ, by the power of Christ. All this is possible through allowing Christ to work through us. Consider the model minister, Jesus Christ, as he leads us in order to lead others.  43 minutes.