DeVasher - 1446: A Few Questions About Death (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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Death is a scary thing for many people, especially for nonbelievers. For Christ-followers, we should be more assured about what happens to us after death, but many Christians are still terrified of what happens after we die. However, God has given us all the answers we need, and there are some mysteries that will remain a mystery until we can witness the answers for ourselves. Through the Holy Bible we can clear up any misconceptions we have about death and clear our doubts. The Bible provides clarity and hope to those who are fearful of death. We do not need to speculate! Before we can learn about death, we need to first find a Biblical definition of life.

In this sermon with pastor Kameron DeVasher we will look into how human life started with the breath of life and how we are composed of unique elements. How is it that we do not have a soul but we are a soul? DeVasher will go through the Bible to show us important verses that will help clarify the nature of death and what we can expect. 36 minutes