Neuhoff - 346: Brain Power (7 DVD Series)

Arnold Neuhoff
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In this Comprehensive and inspiring seminar, Arnold Neuhoff will help you understand and unleash your innate brain power. It is an absolute must for everyone who wishes to gain ___ overall more meaningful and balanced life. If you want to rise above the ordinary this is the seminar that will provide you with the tools to help you make it happen. This infinitely complex subject is brought to life in an easy to understand the way that would motivate life changes in both the youth and old. Why settle for second best in life if you could have the best? 


7 DVD set with Topics: 

1. 10x Wiser

2. The real Mind

3. Muddled Mind

4. Power Crisis 

5. Shaping your Thoughts

6. Good Cop - Bad Cop 

8. Your brain - Satisfaction or Slavery

9. Brain or Belly - Your Choice

10. Your Brain - Intimacy and Seduction 

11. Who is in Charge 

12. Power of Freedom 

13. Renewing Your Mind 

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