Ritsema - 400: Media on the Brain (6 DVD Series)

Scott Ritsema
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Media has become the world’s new idol. Movie characters cover lunchboxes, bedsheets, and clothes. We’re surrounded by idolatry. Children are bonding with fictional media characters instead of forming strong spiritual ties with their parents and Heavenly Father. The propaganda machine is pumping out advertising and marketing to encourage looser morals. Scott Ritsema will examine many current examples of how entertainment corporations have an agenda that many people don’t know about.

Some people may argue that playing video games, listening to secular music, or watching certain movies isn’t a salvation issue. Perhaps we need to consider that anything that comes between us and our Lord is a salvation issue. Despite the frightening data presented in this series, let’s remember that God is in the business of freeing us and our minds. Learn about the dangers of media in this thoroughly researched series so you can understand how to be free of its control.