O'Neill - 3007: The True Cause of Disease Part 2 | From Sickness to Health (DVD)

Barbara O'Neill
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How can a knowledge of the type of environment favored by microbes help us understand why we get sick? What lifestyle factors and choices create an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungus in our bodies? How does the overuse of antibiotics contribute to disease? Do antibiotics weaken your immune system?

In this presentation, Barbara O’Neill looks at the role microbes play in causing disease and outlines a plan for regaining health. In her entertaining and informative teaching style, she unravels some of the mystery behind why some people are more likely to get sick than others. Discover a 4-step process for beating cancer and other diseases and learn what conditions the body requires to heal itself. Hear the inspiring stories of healing in people who have corrected health-damaging habits and followed God’s plan.  

Have you ever asked, Why do I get sick so often? Learn what you must do to prevent disease from taking hold in your body. Discover God’s provisions for restoring health.

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From Sickness to Health
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49 min