O'Neill - 3011: Osteoporosis | From Sickness to Health (DVD)

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Our bone health is very important. Our bones keep us standing upright, protect our internal organs, and protect our brains from damage. It is literally the skeleton that holds us together! However we are hearing more and more about osteoporosis in people who are so young! Why are bones breaking apart so early? Bones should be strong until the day we die. Our bones need a specific type of nutrition, and if we are lacking in that nutrition then our bones weaken. 

In this lecture with Barbara O’Neill we will look at what causes the deterioration of our bones and learn what we can do to strengthen them. There are many misconceptions about bone health, one of them being that bones are made of calcium. Bones are actually composed of a fine mineral balance. Naturopathic Doctor Barbara O’Neill reviews the 12 different minerals and discusses the 64 trace minerals needed for good bone health. Learn about the types of protein, oils, vegetables, and exercise that can contribute to improved bone density! See how the 8 Laws of Health all come together to give us the best health possible. Come along in this informative lecture to discover how we can overcome osteoporosis. 

40 minutes

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From Sickness to Health
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40 min