O'Neill - 3009: Heart Health | From Sickness to Health (DVD)

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The two biggest killers today are cancer and heart disease. Millions are diagnosed with heart diseases each year, and though it may seem unavoidable, there are actually healthy ways to prevent a sick heart. Did you know that there is a clear way to have a healthy heart? You start with more oxygen, which in turn strengthens the blood, and with healthy blood, you have a healthy heart! So how can we add more oxygen to our blood? 

In this lecture with Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Barbara O’Neill we will look into heart health. Blood pressure, oxygenation, muscle cells, glucose, the foods we eat, water, cholesterol, and exercise... What do all of these have to do with how healthy our hearts are? Learn about the muscle cells that make up the heart and how glucose is a vital element. What is the HIIT exercise method and how does it benefit our bodies? We all know that exercise is part of the 8 laws of health, but did you know there is a specific type of exercise that is especially good for us? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and we should be striving to work out like this for improved hearts. Join O’Neill in this important and educational lecture about conquering health issues and gain a better understanding of our most important organ - our heart!

53 minutes

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From Sickness to Health
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53 min