O'Neill - 3010: The Wonder of Law | From Sickness to Health (DVD)

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If we are given a law that is meant to give us better health and therefore a better life, what happens if we break that law? There are three main parts of health: physical, mental, and moral. These three elements can drastically improve and better our situation when taken together. However, if even one of these components is misaligned, we can suffer the consequences. So with a perfect balance, we can achieve better health. 

So what constitutes the 8 physical health laws? In case you did not know them, they are: pure air, sunshine, temperance, rest, exercise, proper diet, use of water, and trust in the divine power of God. If we stick to these 8 prescriptions, our physical health will be in order. Perhaps you already knew and adhere to the 8 health laws. Follow along as we also investigate the mental and moral laws to give you even a better grasp of what affects your overall health! Did you know we should investigate both cause and effect of illness? What about our choices between love or forgiveness? How do our words affect others? How do our moral choices and beliefs affect how we feel and affect others? Join Naturopathic Doctor Barbara O’Neill in this health lecture about the laws of health in physical, mental, and moral capacities. 

45 minutes

Release Date:
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From Sickness to Health
Time Length:
45 min