O'Neill - 3015: God's Method of Healing From the Bible | From Sickness to Health (DVD)

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There are millions of health books and videos out there, but how do we know which one to turn to? Perhaps after all this time it really is best to return to the original health plan set by God! The Bible is the great prescription book for our health. God alone knows the perfect conditions our bodies need for optimal health, and thankfully we have the Bible to teach us. If we turn to Scripture, we will learn miraculous and wonderful methods of natural healing. So what should we do when we’re sick? 

How does oxygen, nutrients, water, cells, and our blood contribute to health? In this spiritually informative health presentation we will look to the Holy Bible and the Ministry of Healing for the best prescriptions for health. Learn about diabetes, circulatory issues, and more. How can herbs be used for the service of man? We need to read and study the Bible and learn to heal ourselves. We can start by eliminating nasty habits and getting back into natural treatments, which are the Godly ways of healing!  

52 minutes

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From Sickness to Health
Time Length:
52 min