Ritsema - 401: Conformed or Transformed - TV, the Brain, and the Science of Salvation | Media on the Brain (DVD)

Scott Ritsema
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According to a George Barna study, a majority of Americans qualify for a diagnosis of addiction to media use or exposure. In fact, addiction to media exposure is the most widespread addiction in American society today. In this first presentation of six, you will be startled by the statistics presented by Scott Ritsema. Do we know how this diet of media is affecting us spiritually? How does all this media affect our brain? What are the long-term effects of TV and screen time? 

Learn how overstimulation of the brain greatly impacts long-term learning and thinking. The Bible calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds because salvation is an issue of the mind. If we are filling our mind with food that does not edify us but has a negative impact on our spirituality, our salvation may be at stake. This video will profoundly change your thinking about entertainment for yourself and especially for your children.