Ritsema - 405: The Counterfeit Reality: High Tech Addictions - Gaming and Pornography | Media on the Brain (DVD)

Scott Ritsema
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Gaming is a radically different form of leisure and entertainment than traditional forms of entertainment. Players today, especially boys, are so plugged into digital games and excessive internet use that they are losing social skills and fearing intimacy. In this fifth presentation of six, Scott Ritsema teaches about the five types of games, including god games and how their designers intentionally strategize on how to create arousal addicts. The manner in which game developers describe a player’s consciousness is similar to the words the devil said to Eve. Ritsema cites the testimonies from recovering gaming addicts and reveals the unsettling connection between mass shooters and gamers. 

What are eight reasons often given for why gaming is good for you? Learn about alternatives that are more productive, healthier, and morally edifying. Find out the shocking young age at which children from Christian households are exposed to pornography and discover which circuitries in the brain equate pornography to survival. The Bible calls us to give ourselves fully to the Word of the Lord. 

Get the information you need to equip you to help friends, family or loved ones overcome digital addictions.