Skeete - 877: Gifts are Received, Not Taken | A Closer Look (DVD)

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We each have unique gifts, given to us from God. However, there is a right and wrong way to accept these gifts, and a righteous and unrighteous way to use our gifts. If we receive gifts from God, then we need to fully comprehend where these gifts come from, and how we can give the glory of these gifts back to God. Even if we do the right thing with a gift, we can be unrighteous in the process. In this final part of Randy Skeete’s A Closer Look series, learn about how we ought to receive holy gifts righteously, and to avoid taking gifts that have not been allotted to us. 

This lecture investigates the differences between Abram and Lot. How did God treat these two men differently, and why? Consider how Lot took what he thought was his, but did not receive it righteously the way that Abram received his gifts. In a similar way Lucifer wanted the gift of dominion and power in heaven, but he wouldn’t receive the gift and he simply tried to take it. This unrighteousness was part of his downfall. We cannot unduly take a gift that only God can give us. Familiarize yourself with the differences between receiving Godly gifts, and unrighteously taking them. 

55 minutes

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A Closer Look
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55 min