White - Spirit of Prophecy Vol 1-4 (4 Book Set)

Ellen White
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Why did Jesus come to the Earth? What was the significance of the Sanctuary in the wilderness? What did Jesus's ministry accomplish? What revolutionary accomplishment was achieved by the Protestant Reformation? How have these historical events affected us today? What does the future hold?


Ellen White's four-volume set, The Spirit of Prophecy, is a comprehensive look at the Bible and world events. This treatise is filled with insightful commentary that digs deeper into stories from history and the Bible. Biblical history from the Fall of Man to the ministry of the early church is discussed, as well as religious history beginning with the Waldenses and ending in modern times. Future events are also covered.


Although The Spirit of Prophecy was first published between 1870 and 1884, the spiritual counsel it provides holds fast today. All Bible believers will be encouraged by these books. 

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