White - Spirit of Prophecy Vol 3 (Book)

Ellen White
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What was the significance of Jesus's terrible death? What was the early church like? How did Jesus's disciples share the Gospel to all parts of the then-known world? What lessons are there for God's remnant in the stories of the early apostolic church?


Drawing parallels between the Old and New Testament and elaborating upon difficult passages, Ellen White explores the stories of Jesus's crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. She also shares the trials and blessings experienced by the early church. This insightful book combines history and Scripture to bring well-known events and characters to life. 


Chapters include: 

The Great Controversy

  1. Weeping Over Jerusalem
  2. Cleansing the Temple
  3. Jesus and the Pharisees
  4. Denouncing the Pharisees
  5. In the Outer Court
  6. The Passover Supper
  7. In the Garden
  8. In the Judgment Hall
  9. Condemnation of Jesus
  10. Calvary
  11. At the Sepulcher
  12. The Conflict Ended
  13. The Resurrection
  14. The Women at the Tomb
  15. Jesus at Emmaus
  16. In the Upper Chamber
  17. Jesus at Galilee
  18. Meeting of the Brethren
  19. Ascension of Christ
  20. The Pentecost
  21. The Cripple Healed
  22. The Seven Deacons
  23. Conversion of Saul
  24. Paul Commences His Ministry
  25. The Ministry of Peter
  26. Deliverance of Peter
  27. Ordination of Paul and Barnabas
  28. Preaching Among the Heathen
  29. Jew and Gentile
  30. Imprisonment of Paul and Silas
  31. Opposition at Thessalonica
  32. Paul at Berea and Athens
  33. Paul at Corinth
  34. Paul at Ephesus
  35. Trials and Victories of Paul
  36. Martyrdom of Paul and Peter
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