White - Spirit of Prophecy Vol 1 (Book)

Ellen White
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The Spirit of Prophecy takes a comprehensive look at Bible events and characters from the beginning of Earth's history to the final days of humanity. Author Ellen White gives insightful comments on Bible events and stories which bring to life the well-known characters and events found in the Word of God.


The first volume of this series covers part of the Old Testament, from the story of the Fall of Man to the life of King Solomon.


Chapters include: 

  1. The Fall of Satan
  2. The Creation
  3. The Temptation and Fall
  4. The Plan of Salvation
  5. Cain and Abel
  6. Seth and Enoch
  7. The Flood
  8. Disguised Infidelity
  9. The Tower of Babel
  10. Abraham
  11. Isaac
  12. Jacob and Esau
  13. Jacob and the Angel
  14. Joseph and His Brethren
  15. Moses
  16. The Plagues on Egypt
  17. The Passover
  18. Israel Leaves Egypt
  19. Their Journeyings
  20. The Law of God
  21. The Sanctuary
  22. Strange Fire
  23. The Quails
  24. Miriam
  25. Caleb and Joshua
  26. Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
  27. Aaron's Rod
  28. The Sin of Moses
  29. Fiery Serpents
  30. Balaam
  31. Death of Moses
  32. Joshua
  33. Samuel and Saul
  34. David
  35. Solomon
  36. The Ark of God
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