Stober & Veith - 173: The Earth: Between Light and Darkness (DVD)

Walter Veith & Henry Stober
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Please take a seat and join Henry Stober and his film team on widespread and exciting journeys through one of the most breathtaking countries on earth: Iceland. Hardly any other place on earth offers such a spectrum of spectacular nature. A perfect setting to record "THE EARTH BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARKNESS''.

Did you know there was a rebellion in heaven?

Prof. Veith describes in an impressive way what took place in heaven before the creation of our planet. This rebellion brought about a dramatic change for the whole Universe. Nothing less than life or death is at stake. Future or hopelessness. 

Walter Veith is an experienced speaker from South Africa. With his selected lectures he travels around the globe. In this way he has helped numerous people to gain a better understanding of the important subject of ''the great conflict between light and darkness''


Premiered at the 2019 Campmeeting.