Stober & Veith - 199: The Creation: The Earth is a Witness (DVD)

Walter Veith
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Was it the violent Big Bang explosion that gave birth to the universe and the development of life? Or is this old, Holy Book correct in its simple statement, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Creation or evolution - two world views that could not be more diametrically opposed, with far reaching consequences for the human race. In a 30-minute video presentation by Prof. Dr. Walter Veith, a world famous scientist from South Africa, hard facts are brought to light.

Through his expertise and own experience over many years, he has become a recognized authority on both arguments. You will experience scientific knowledge from a new, surprising point of view, presented in a logical and convincing manner. Veith's multimedia presentations are not only entertaining but also challenging. They touch hearts and minds. Six years of working with the finest photography of Henry Stober, shot on five continents, have resulted in a work of art that gets under your skin.

Creation - a 60-minute movie in panoramic digital projection format, narrated by a professional speaker. You will discover the breath-taking variety of life in the sea, the air and on land in all its beauty. This video makes a clear case for the premise that mankind is not the result of coincidence, but bears the unmistakable signature of a loving Creator.

It is time for a new enlightenment: one that makes sense rather than robs meaning. One that does not take God away from us, but brings Him back to us.