Veith - 972: The Atonement | Darkness Before Dawn (DVD)

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The whole Gospel hinges on the word “atonement.” But what does the word mean and how is it accomplished? Most people misunderstand the point of the atonement. Why did Jesus have to die? What do non-Christian religions teach about atonement?

From the perspective of the walk to Emmaus, Walter Veith looks at the Old Testament typologies of Christ, the 70-week prophecy of Daniel 9, Christ’s mission, and what it means to be reconciled to God. Find out how the atonement was depicted in the patriarchal and Levitical dispensations. The elements that make up the atonement are also considered, and a study is given on “propitiation” and the mercy seat. Learn why the blood of Christ is essential to our salvation and how His death satisfied the principles of justice and mercy.

The speaker also compares reformed theology with Roman Catholic theology on the atonement. What crucial element is left out in the Catholic teaching about the atonement? Are the two viewpoints compatible? These are important issues in light of the unification of Christendom in our day and we must understand what the Bible teaches.

1 hour 53 minutes