Stober & Veith - 172: The Big Five: Questions Regarding Origins (DVD)

Walter Veith & Henry Stober
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Observing the life on this Earth I have to ask myself the question of the origin of this beauty. Who created all that breathtaking complexity? Who delivers the impulses to how this nature moves? Who shaped the surface of a water drop? Who gives this precisely coordinated rhythm to nature? 

Who is interested in the fact that Nature unfolds as we see it every year? Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the harvest and the growth of a seed which then becomes a mighty tropical tree. My knowledge can be no other, than this earth and all life is subject to a wonderful plan. Someone wanted it exactly as it is.


Man is uniquely created. A very special being. With the longing for harmony and love. Every day, we expose ourselves to the questions of our origin. The questions where we come from. Why we are here and where the journey goes. These are very important questions to which there are many answers. But what is the right answer, is there any at all? This question was the reason for the realization of this project.

THE BIG 5 - is a film documentary that deals with the famous 5 animals of Africa.

But, it was important to dig deeper one more level. And so the idea arose, in cooperation with Prof. Veith, to speak about what concerns us all: The Five Great Questions of Life!