Veith - 251: Creation Restored | In the Stream of Time (DVD)

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There has been a longstanding debate between creation and evolution. Modern scientists argue against creation in the media all the time, and young minds are easily influenced and believe in these famous people and what they say. Why has it gotten to this point? Why is there such disbelief in the original creation story of Genesis? In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look into the creation debate and study the Clergy Letter Project that first supported evolution long ago. 

This lecture will remind us why we were created and bring us from creation to restoration and all that we were meant for. Though Charles Darwin is a hugely popular name in evolutionary circles, is it possible that he missed something in his investigations? Is there truly new genetic material being created all the time? Or perhaps genetics is being transformed and changed and there is actually nothing new at all. We will look into the study of epigenetics and see how seeming change can occur in a generation instead of supposed millennia. What we thought we knew through modern science is mistaken! Many things can affect our genes. Something as simple as diet can change animals drastically, and the food animals and humans take in can affect us inside and out. This lecture is a fantastic lesson about the beautiful Creator behind creation and the restoration that we can all receive. 

93 minutes.