Veith - 256: The Coming Kingdom | In the Stream of Time (DVD)

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We know who the antichrist is. The Reformers identified him long ago, so we know who we are keeping our eyes on. However, do we know how he is going to come into power? We will investigate Rome, the First Vatican Council, and the Jesuits to see how they are related to the beast of revelation? Before Christ can return to His kingdom, people in authority will attempt to set up a false kingdom. What is this kingdom about and what does it stand for? 

The devil has been successful in hiding his identity from most people, sneaking his way within the powerful organizations of our world. But if we spread these vital messages across the globe we can help people understand the real signs of his coming and the times of the age. Everyone must hear these life-changing lectures! Join Walter Veith in this lecture about the coming kingdom to discover all the error that has been spread throughout the globe about the coming kingdom. We will look at the rapture, death, and other often-confused theologies. Let’s find the pure Biblical truth behind the coming kingdom!  

108 minutes