Veith - 258: The Final Elijah | In the Stream of Time (DVD)

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Matthew 17:11 says, And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things. So before the Lord returns, there must be a restoration of the ancient message, the original Gospel. We need to get back to the intention of God. Sometimes we may look around us and wonder how the world got this bad. Why are things in turmoil, why are things falling apart? If we travel back in time, we understand that it is all because satan rebelled against God in heaven and fought against God’s statutes. What are these statutes and why are they so vital to our Christian walk? 

In Christian society today, many people claim that we are saved by grace alone, and that anyone who follows the law to the letter are legalists. However, you cannot separate the law and grace. They come together and are part of one package. We need restoration to truly understand the law and grace together. In this final lecture from Walter Veith’s series In the Stream of Time we will look at the required restoration before Christ’s return. What is this message that the final Elijah must bring to restore all things? We will look at the Remnant really is, what sets Sabbath keepers apart from others, look at the lives of early Reformers, and see what defines God’s Last Day Church. 

111 minutes