Veith - 254: Two Allies - The Beast and Its Image | In the Stream of Time (DVD)

Walter Veith
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The books of Daniel and Revelation can be intimidating and confusing to many people. However, we are luckily given clues as to what these chapters mean with other books of the Bible, and at this point in time we are sure as to the meaning of the prophecies in the Bible. In this lecture with Walter Veith we will study Revelation 13 to interpret its meaning for us today. 

What or who is the beast, and how does it affect us today? How does the little horn power relate to the papacy? Have these prophecies changed somehow, or were they always there for people to read and believe? Looking at the sign of the times, it looks as though the Reformers were right all along and we should be preaching this message even louder to those around us. Sunday law is being pushed upon us whether we like it or not. Leaders of various countries and powerful people are all advocating Sunday rest. Slowly but surely Christ’s law is being destroyed. This informative and historical lecture will open your eyes to the blasphemies the pope is committing by usurping Christ. Let us be ever vigilant and keep our eyes opened to the two allies, the beast and its image. 

93 minutes.