Veith - 255: Charismatic Renewal | In the Stream of Time (DVD)

Walter Veith
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What is the charismatic movement? Have you heard about this in the news recently? The concept of religious unity has been dominating religious news for a while now. Pope Francis has been named one of the most popular people in the religious world today, and this influential man has been pushing for ecumenism between all Christians since he became Pope. Of course unity sounds wonderful in theory, bringing people seems to be a good idea. However, what would it truly mean for Protestants to unite with the papacy? 

Many religious leaders have spoken in favor of ecumenism, so it looks like prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes. The wound is being healed! Is this unity something God wants for us? Or is there a deceptive spirit working behind the scenes? This lecture with Walter Veith will reveal how the charismatic renewal is not a holy ideal, and has bigger more troubling implications than we first believed.  

98 minutes