Veith - 293: Light Upon the Path | Conflict and Triumph (DVD)

Walter Veith
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The close of the 18th century was marked by a very low period in Christianity in North America, with widespread irreverence and infidelity. In this setting, God worked a mighty revival known as the Great Awakening and it was during this period, through the preaching of William Miller and others, that the great Advent movement swept through North American churches to prepare a people for the second coming of Christ.

Though it ended in great disappointment, God’s timing was perfect. Steadfast believers gathered up the jewels of truth that had been rediscovered during the Reformation and searched the Scriptures to understand why Christ had not returned. There had been no movement to start a new congregation, but as mainstream churches pushed from their fellowship those who held fast to the truths they’d discovered, God brought believers together in a new body.

Today, God is gathering a people into one who have all the collective truths passed down through the ages. And though the gates of hell are brought to bear upon this remnant, it will not fall.

1 hour 30 minutes.