Veith - 296: Build Me A House | Conflict and Triumph (DVD)

Walter Veith
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God has a message for His people today in the story of the building of His temple. Lessons can be learned from the temple’s location, construction, and service. In this video, Pastor Walter Veith looks at God’s covenant with David in relation to the work that He’s called us to do in these last days.

What is significant about the location of the temple site on the threshing floor of Ornan by the Kidron Valley? What startling parallels are there between the end point of the Gihon River and the end point of the river seen by Ezekiel? Where did the blood poured out at the base of the altar go, when God expressly required that blood be poured out upon the ground, not upon a marble floor? And what applications do these facts have for us today?

What does it mean to build a house for God? Through the stories of the building of Solomon’s temple, through type and antitype, God wants us to understand what’s required and what’s at stake. 

1 hour 20 minutes