Veith - 3003: The Path of Obedience | Food for Thought (DVD)

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This is a health lecture with a difference. It deals with the spiritual aspects of our health relative to the choices we make. It also examines some of the controversial statements made by Ellen White on health, statements that some are using to discredit the Spirit of Prophecy. Does what she wrote apply to us today? Is the Bible in agreement with what she wrote about food? Does modern science support or refute her testimonies on diet and health?

Diet plays a prominent feature in a number of stories in the Old and New Testaments. What can stories about the children of Israel, Daniel, and John the Baptist teach us that will help us make right choices to prepare us to meet the final crisis? In this lecture, Walter Veith also looks at the different types of diets God gave to meet the needs of his people under varying circumstances. He compares the pattern in God’s Word with Spirit of Prophecy writings and draws conclusions that apply in our day. Why did God permit the eating of meat if it was not part of His original plan? How did the change affect human health? What can science contribute to our understanding of this topic?

Surprising details appear from an examination of the history of particularly harmful foods that are common in our day. The speaker uncovers how certain harmful food items came into common use and asks, How did these things become so popular? Is the devil using these things to destroy people’s ability to discern right from wrong? Learn why the writings of Ellen White are of special importance to God’s people today.

1 hour 44 minutes