Veith - 928: Crown of Glory (DVD)

Walter Veith
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The stories of David are types of the battle that rages between Christ and Satan. What can we learn from these stories about Satan’s attempts to destroy us? When we experience conflicts in our lives, we face two choices. We can learn from Satan and become bitter. Or, we can learn from Christ and become better.

David’s son Absalom had hair that was like a crown of glory, but, just as with Lucifer, his beauty made him proud and he became corrupt. Flattery is one of the most dangerous tools of the devil and he wielded it against Absalom with good results. Absalom, in turn, cunningly stole the hearts of the people by flattery.  He destroyed David’s reputation and almost stole the kingdom.

What lessons are there for us in the trials David experienced? Once your reputation has been destroyed by an Absalom, men like Shimei will throw stones. Let us be careful that we do not act the part of Shimei. Beware of how the devil works behind the scenes to destroy the truth, to destroy reputations. We should not listen to stories. And when stories are being told about us, let us leave the consequences to God. Eventually justice will come.

58 minutes