Veith - 970: Darkness Before Dawn (5 DVD Series)

Walter Veith
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In 2017 the Christian world celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. But what did they actually celebrate? A God-led, spiritually revitalizing movement still vibrant in its influence today? Or the death of that movement?

 The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century restored Biblical truths that had been buried in ritualism and error. Because of the Reformation, the Bible was literally unchained from the desks of the ecclesiastics and was freely given to the nations in their own languages. These cataclysmic changes sent shock waves through the world. First led by a handful of courageous Reformers within the Catholic church, the movement took on a life of its own as people internalized the Scriptures and put its lessons into practice in their own lives and then in society. Lay leaders arose and became Reformers themselves. Many gave their lives, defending the truths they’d discovered. Led by the Spirit of God, for a time, the Reformation was unstoppable.

All that has changed. Did the Reformation complete its work? Have its lessons become irrelevant to us? What has happened in the last 500 years that caused the Reformation to sputter and die? And what event sounded its death knell? Learn why a clear understanding of the issues dealt with by the Reformation are of vital importance to our salvation today.