Veith - 971: The Cornerstone of Protestantism | Darkness Before Dawn (DVD)

Walter Veith
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Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the church where he pastored. What were the theses about and why was this event a turning point in world history?


Martin Luther said that justification by faith is the head and cornerstone of Christianity. In this lecture, Walter Veith looks at the Biblical doctrine of justification by faith. Learn about the history of justification by faith in the lives of Bible characters, the role the Waldenses played in spreading it to early reformers, and Luther’s understanding of it. Why was this issue the dividing point between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism? What is at the root of doctrines that supplant justification by faith?  And why is this issue of such great importance even today?

Learn about the pivotal doctrine that spurred on the Reformation. Find out what re-unification between Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic Church is about and the methods used to make it happen. How were the councils of Trent and Vatican II different? What was the same about them? Why was Luther so opposed to compromise? These questions and others are answered in this study on the cornerstone of the Reformation.

1 hour 52 minutes