Veith - 984: The Lesser Light (DVD)

Walter Veith
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Aside from the fact that she passes all the tests of a prophet that the Bible describes, there are startling parallels between Moses and the Spirit of Prophecy. In the time of the Exodus, God was gathering a people out of confusion and called Moses to show them His clear path. Through His prophet Moses, God instructed His people. He reminded them of the Sabbath and defined acceptable dress, diet and worship style. In a similar way, God was gathering a people out of the confusion that followed the Great Disappointment of 1844 and gave His people similar instruction through Ellen White.

Mrs. White referred to herself as the lesser light pointing to the Greater Light and always exalted Jesus and His word. As Adventists re-discovered Scriptural truths, God sent messages through Ellen White, confirming His people in Bible doctrines which became the five pillars of Adventism. Like Daniel, Joseph and John, who were all in their teens when they devoted their lives to God, Ellen White was just 17 years old when she had her first of approximately 2000 visions. In addition to upholding Bible doctrines, she was often given information about things she could not have known with only three years of education. Many of her comments have, in recent times, been confirmed by archaeology, medical science, botany and other fields of research.

Ellen G. White has been vindicated over and over again and her writings, like the books Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ and The Great Controversy, continue to have a profound effect on Bible students.