Wheeler - Sooty: The Green Eyed Kitten (Book)

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Can you imagine a time when house cats were rare? Before Europeans first started coming to America, there were no domestic cats here at all. Sooty, the Green-eyed Kitten is the story of a little kitten that travelled by horseback in those long-ago days to live at a little cabin in the woods. Hear about the funny antics of Sooty, and other animal friends like a cat that acted more like a guard-dog, and an ingenious squirrel in this collection of true animal stories.

This is the tenth book in The Good Lord Made Them All series by Joe L. Wheeler. Owney, Smoky, Wildfire, Dick, Spot, Amelia, Togo, Tawny, Stinky, and Sooty make up the set and feature fascinating stories of many different animals, including dogs, cats, horses, jaguars, skunks, and squirrels.