Wheeler - Wildfire: The Red Stallion and Other Stories (Book)

Joe Wheeler
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In this, the third book of The Good Lord Made Them All series, Joe L. Wheeler turns his talents and attention to horses. This inspiring collection of stories will evoke laughter, tears, and amazement.

 “The horse has been a symbol of nobility and royalty. . . . It was unthinkable for a king, general, statesman, or hero to be other than a superb horseman. For well over three thousand years, the horse represented the fastest land speed known to man. No more significant and wrenching change has our world ever known than the switch from a horse-driven world to a machine-driven one.”—Joe L. Wheeler

In the title story by Zane Grey, Lucy and her fiancé, Lin, are roped to horses and pursued not only by outlaws, but also by a raging forest fire. As you read other stories, you’ll sympathize with a little boy who asked only for a pony for Christmas but was disappointed, learn how an old horse named Major preached a sermon to his owners, and realize that looks aren’t everything—even in an Appaloosa without spots. This collection of eighteen outstanding horse stories will stay in your heart.