DeVasher - 1450: The Women at the Well (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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Jesus encountered a Sumerian woman at a well. How was this meeting different than the typical meeting? Jesus asked her for a drink, and made it very difficult for her to say no. How did his request for help generate trust in this woman? Asking for help gets more positive responses than offering helps to others. Had Jesus offered her time or conversation, she was likely to have turned her back on Him and walked away. However, Jesus made her trust Him by requesting her aid. In turn whilst helping Him, Jesus and her spoke and He moved her to go spread the news of His arrival. She went out and told everyone she could that Jesus was here.

He transformed her and gave her a missionary’s zeal. She was so interested in Jesus that others became interested in Him through her passion. This is precisely how the gospel spreads, and this is how the good news of Christ spread to Sumeria. It only takes one person’s passion for Christ to move whole nations. Jesus’ disciples couldn’t have been more effective than this one woman at the well. Can we also be moved for Christ in the same way? Let us go to the Bible with pastor Kameron DeVasher to discover the significance of the woman at the well. 32 minutes