Veith -726: Who Shall Dwell? (DVD)

Walter Veith
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This world needs to hear the everlasting Gospel. Many are preaching part of the Gospel, but people are confused, and some believe they are saved by works and others, by faith, but obedience is unnecessary. These “gospels” either make God a tyrant or a sugar daddy. Both distort the image of God.

How do we represent God to the world? Do we do it in such a way that people long to take their first fruits to Him? Or do we, like the Pharisees, make people twice the sons of hell as ourselves? Do we have a right conception of God?

Who was it who stirred the crowd to demand the release of Barabbas rather than Jesus? It was the church leaders, those who should have known God the best. But no one would choose Barabbas, a murderer and a rebel, unless they had a distorted view of Jesus. Is it possible that today the world has such a distorted view of God that they would again cry, “Give us Barabbas!”?

The complete Gospel must be taken to the world. Who will set the record straight? 

63 minutes