Veith - 921: Rise and Shine (DVD)

Walter Veith
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In Walter Veith’s “Rise and Shine,” Veith discusses the vital importance of spreading the gospel. As directed in Mark 16:15, we are to “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Have we done that? Have we shouted the Lord’s name loudly enough? Have we preached with enough conviction? If we have, why are there still unbelievers? 

The 7th Day Adventists are excellent at answering the tough questions, just as the Queen of Sheba tried testing Solomon as she “came to prove him with hard questions” (2 Chronicles 9:1), Solomon was able to satisfy all her inquiries. Though Solomon provides all the answers to her questioning, she does not believe him until she sees the splendour of his belief with her own eyes. It is upon seeing his honest treatment and wisdom that the Queen of Sheba finally sees the truth. Veith describes how this is true of our modern times. We may have all the answers, but many do not believe unless they see with their eyes. This sermon preaches about the significance of showing and shouting the truth and how to be pillars of truth for the Lord.