DeVasher - 1415: The Gift of Tongues (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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Is the gift of tongues still used today? What exactly is the gift of tongues and how does it manifest? In this interesting lecture with Kameron DeVasher, we will investigate spiritual gifts. See how spiritual gifts are given and how they should be used. These gifts are to be used for everyone’s profit, not for selfish reasons. Armed with Biblical knowledge about gifts, let us look at each instance in the Bible of people speaking in tongues. What do these instances have in common? 

Why is it that we hear less about speaking in tongues and other spiritual gifts in today’s modern times? DeVasher proposes that we have less need now than we did back in Biblical times. See how these gifts are to be used solely to further His divine kingdom and if the need ever arose, spiritual gifts would abound. Listen to this sermon to deepen your knowledge about spiritual gifts. 35 minutes