DeVasher - 1431: The Other Side of Pentecost | Acts 101 (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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Do you know what Pentecost is? When you think of Pentecost, what do you imagine it looking like in your mind? Do people speak in other languages? Do people stand up and praise the Lord? Kameron DeVasher investigates the first part of the book of Acts to give us further insight to Pentecost. What events occurred before, during, and after Pentecost? Did you know that Pentecost was actually celebrated for hundreds of years before the book of Acts even took place? 

DeVasher discusses the other feasts of the Bible, and their significance. Each of these feasts was and still are significant in some way. Specifically at this feast of Pentecost, how and why did Peter’s sermon affect his audience to such an extent? Finally, learn about The Other Side of Pentecost from the perspective of John in Revelations. What does Pentecost look like to those in Heaven? This first lecture in the Acts 101 series helps us discover the truth about Pentecost. 

48 minutes