DeVasher - 1435: The Second Jerusalem Council | Acts 101 (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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What was the result of the Second Jerusalem Council? Paul and Barnabas went together and Paul preached on many contentious issues in the early church such as diet, idolatry, and circumcision. However, Paul spent quite a lot of time on the topic of circumcision. Why was this particular issue so important? After speaking about this topic at length, why does Paul go and circumcise Timothy? It does seem hypocritical. However, Kameron DeVasher’s final presentation in the Acts 101 series reveals how this incident is actually Paul’s approach to ministry. 

In this lecture, discover the meaning behind “all things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.” Paul has established that men can be circumcised, but they are not required to be. However, the question arose of should they be. Consider how Paul circumcised Timothy in order to aid the spread of the gospel to the Jews, not merely to follow a law. Sometimes with God, we do not have to, but we should. God wants us to work together for His ultimate glory. Consider whether we are supporting other Godly men and women and their work, or are we hindering God’s kingdom through our own hesitance and lack of support? Though we may not be required to by law to treat others a certain way, should we? 

52 minutes