DeVasher - 1432: The Apostle Peter | Acts 101 (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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How willing are we to follow Christ? Do you believe being a Christian means we will have an easy life? Peter is one of the most prominent characters in the Bible. He had many successful sermons, and preached with conviction. However, he also experienced great failure as well. Kameron DeVasher continues his Acts 101 series by looking into the life of Peter. How can we view this life as a testimony of faith in the midst of trial? 

Discover more about who the apostle Peter was. How did God equip him to become such a powerful speaker? DeVasher explores Peter’s humble beginnings as a fisherman to his miraculous growth in Christ, Peter serves as an effective example of a disciple’s life. Learn about one of the most prominent characters in all of the Bible in this engaging lecture. 

45 minutes