DeVasher - 1434: The First Jerusalem Council | Acts 101 (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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All throughout history, people from different faiths encounter conflict. Consider the Jews during the First Jerusalem Council. Not only did these Jews conflict with the Gentiles, but they didn’t even get along with each other. Even if they were all believers, and even if they were all faithful, they still remained divided because of culturally influenced factions and divisions. If the Jews had disagreements and fights among themselves, how much more challenging would it have been to get along with the Gentiles? To add fuel to the fire, a greater number of Gentiles became Christ-followers than Jews. As more Gentiles came to know Christ, the Jews were understandably worried. What if they lost their cultural practices? Their traditions? What if the Gentiles took over? 

Kameron DeVasher continues his Acts 101 series by studying the First Jerusalem Council. What happened between these two faithful groups? Hear about what a spirit-driven republic looks like, and how God used Peter to teach unity amongst the believers. The Lord used Peter to get through to these hard hearts, and God used His man to break through a wall of tradition, culture, and stubbornness. It takes great courage to preach the unpopular truth. It is easier to relent and agree with the majority. However, the Holy Spirit gives us the strength we need to overcome anything. Hear about the First Jerusalem Council and how God can speak to the most difficult and unwilling of souls. 

49 minutes