DeVasher - 1433: The Apostle Paul | Acts 101 (DVD)

Kameron DeVasher
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When you think about the most prominent disciples, who do you think about? Most people probably think of Peter and Paul as being the two most efficient, convicted, and passionate disciples. Peter was certainly adored, but what about Paul? When learning about the early church, people oftentimes think of Peter and Paul. Their names sometimes go hand in hand, but these two men could not be more different. Unlike Peter, Paul was extremely educated and brought up in a prestigious manner. He was a Roman citizen of Hebrew descent and was likely taught multiple languages. 

This well-equipped man seemed to have been born for the part. However, in order to relate and speak more appropriately to the Gentiles, Saul became Paul. Kameron DeVasher continues his Acts 101 series by discussing Saul’s conversation and the experiences he had before and after his baptism. How did Paul confound his audience? Paul originally started by persecuting Christians, so imagine the shock and awe of those who discover Paul ends up proclaiming Christ. The Jews that were once Saul’s closest companions soon become his most bitter enemies. They turn on him, they refuse to support him, and even plotted to end his life. He needed to escape in a basket! Despite all these difficulties, this divinely appointed man did not give up. Learn more about the challenging but fulfilling life of Paul from the book of Acts. 

43 minutes